Gilestone Farm in the Community

– On the edge of the village and at the heart of the community

On the farm we have several acres of relatively young woodland which is managed by the Talybont-on-Usk Community Woodland Group.

To the farm stock this all means more shelter from wind and rain, and to the farmer and visitors an extremely attractive landscape.

Talybont is in the process of planting a community orchard – one of fourteen across Wales which are supported by the Welsh Perry & Cider Society and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Gilestone Farm actively supports this community orchards programme which, when the newly planted trees bear fruit, will provide free pickings for all. The community orchard at Gilestone is primarily pear and perry heritage varieties – other apple orchards in our village include the canal bank, around the playing fields and another which is adjacent to the children’s playground.

We welcome visits to the farm by interested parties. During recent months we have been pleased to host visits from the Vincent Wildlife Trust, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, and a group of Polish environmental workers. Just as importantly we are delighted to walk round with our house guests and to show what we’re doing on the farm.